Danse Macabre is a 3D animated motion capture dance film. Inspired by the music, a 1940s recording of Franz Liszt's Totentanz, courtesy of the National Library of France, this film explores hubris and irony through the escapist dream of the protagonist. Nodding stylistically to the late-medieval genre of Danse Macabre, the protagonist learns they cannot escape their boney mortal body for long and no matter how far their flight of fancy takes them, they've always been running directly into the hand of death. Although the film itself is a virtual world, it owes it generation to the ephemeral physical labor of the corporeal; the character motion and camera motion are choreographed and performed by a dancing body. This film was made in partnership with The International Video Dance Festival of Burgundy. 

Danse Macabre premiered May 2016 at the Festival International de Video Danse de Bourgogne in Le Cruesot, France, it has been screened at the American Dance Festival in Durham, NC, Bucharest International Dance Film Festival in Bucharest, Romania, Salamanca Moves Festival in Tazmania, Australia, TanzKino Screendance Series, the State Theater of Freiburg, Germany, Artistic Movement Platform, Sfantu Gheorghe, Romania, Filmul de Piatra Festival, Piatra Neamt, Romania, DigiEye Showcase, Wexner Center for the Arts, Columbus, OH, Festival Internacional de Cine de Pehuajo, Buenos Aires, Argentina, Festival Buenos Aires Danze Contemporanea, Buenos Aires, Argentina , SCREAMDANCE Film Festival in Brooklyn, NY, Columbus Moving Image Art Review, and Independents' Day Festival in Columbus, OH. 

Screened at Ozark Shorts in El Durado Springs, MO, Columbus Moving Image Art Review in Columbus, OH.

 Ph(r)ase 1, Movement Afoot, Van Fleet Theater, Columbus, Ohio, 2016